After a long research and testing, I can say that the DeskCamera is the best software in the market which can stream the video of multiple computer screens over the network. Usage of this software eliminates the need of any other expensive hardware, like – video servers and signal splitters.

DeskCamera has only negligible impact to the PC performance and perfectly works with the RTSP protocol, which is native for our video recording system. Software has a simple UI and it’s very easy to use.

After the migration to Win10 and Deskcamera installation, it didn’t start to work straight away, as some Visual C++ redistributable libraries were missing on our PC, but a Helpdesk engineer appeared to be very responsive and solved the problem almost immediately.

We’ll continue to use this program on our offshore vessel and I would certainly recommend it to the other customers, who need a quick and robust solution for the desktop screen streaming.

Nikolay Timofeev
Van Oord