Airport surveillance systems become more complex these days. Airport security faces many threats and tries to upgrade their software and hardware regularly. The main tasks of physical and cybersecurity systems are protecting infrastructure and building analytical data.

All perimeter surveillance solutions in the airport should be integrated with a central video management system. That is where DeskCamera could help proving a bridge between PC surveillance and VMS. As a result, the security team gets an easy-to-manage centralized hub to monitor and manage airport security.

In addition, DeskCamera could be used to record the screens in an airport Control Room.  This ensures the operator monitors all the cameras equally and thoroughly. It also provides additional data of what was displayed at the operator screens when an incident occurred

Moreover, monitors in the airport display flight Arrival/Departure data. DeskCamera can capture and store that information to VMS for a historical purpose.

Airport Security and VMS Integration

People from different industries use DeskCamera to record a computer media to VMS