We have infrared cameras that do not provide streaming out. Even if they did, we need to enhance the camera image with analytics messages. The decorated image is sent to VMS via DeskCamera.
I have personally reviewed many RTSP streaming software libraries, in the hope that one of the libraries could be integrated directly with our .Net application. The libraries are all in poor condition, as well as the documentation for the libraries. Our only option was to use HDMI to RTSP gateway products (hardware) to solve our streaming problem. These products are fairly expensive and inconvenient to use, because they required extra video adapters, cables, and power and space in our cabinet.
I have been looking for a solution for almost a year, and was about to give it up. DeskCamera IS the solution! You guys have done a fantastic job with this product, and we plan to use it for all our future image streaming needs.

Larry Roy
Software Architect
Embedded Logix, Inc. ( https://www.emlogix.net )