Your software is the holy grail, and that’s only exaggerating a little bit.  Let me take you back in time before IP to the days of analog video in the casino space where matrix bays and VCRs ruled.  Casinos monitor video in real time more so than many other verticals. If an operator proactively catches something like a theft or fight, or they are just following the money during a drop many times that footage would be recorded.  Said footage could have many cameras involved as the action moves throughout the space and the operators will follow the action on the “working monitor” in front of them. The working monitor would be connected to a VCR for easy export so whatever was observed on the working monitor could be dubbed with a single tape, easy.  Fast forward to the present time and almost no modern VMS has a built in screen recorder and every casino asks for this functionality. Before DeskCamera we had to purchase stand alone encoders that sit in between the client and monitor.  As you know they are expensive, another point of failure and another device to install, power and cable together. DeskCamera solves all those problems and only a few enterprise VMS MFGs don’t support it.

We love DeskCamera, so thank you and keep up the good work!

Adam Myhre
System Integrator ( )
SSI [Surveillance Systems Incorporated]