As airport security faces many threats, it is crucial to have complex and strong surveillance systems. This includes not only up-to-date inviolable hardware but also relevant software. Their combination ensures cybersecurity, protects infrastructure and builds analytical data. All airport’s perimeter surveillance solutions should be integrated with a central video management system. But usually, it is a complicated task as many different pieces are involved (different manufacturers, usage of different protocols, etc). Typically the glue which makes everything work together is a hardware or software video encoder that converts RAW video data to streamable data.
This is where DeskCamera comes into play – a solution to turn computers into a Virtual ONVIF IP camera so that it can stream computer screen(s), audio, and webcam into the central VMS.

DeskCamera is software that makes a bridge between PC surveillance and VMS. A usual conventional solution used to be with an HDMI video encoder. This is a classic approach, however, as it has various extra points of failure: wires can disconnect, plugs can be turned off, hardware can age, the signal can be lost, and so on. With DeskCamera, a software video encoder, the security team gets an easy-to-manage centralized hub to monitor and manage airport security. And all of it is a software-only solution with no extra wires, spaces, or power cables, and is as easy to use as a typical IP camera. There are several reasons why DeskCamera will be helpful at airports:

Control Room Audit in an Airport

DeskCamera could be used to record the screens in an airport Control Room. Some workstations or terminals may contain operational data or critical data needed to be recovered for audit purposes. For example, if there is an incident, a cyberattack, fuel filling procedures, SCADA, etc. Our software provides additional data of what was displayed at the operator screens when an incident occurred.

Airport Security Software

In some airports, security and the end-user want to record the cameras that are on a specific monitor while there is an incident or footage following someone. This footage might be used afterward to provide evidence. This comes from the traditional analog systems in which one monitor is the “hot monitor” to which the cameras are drag and dropped while under an investigation or while following up a passenger. DeskCamera however, can record all camera feeds, including the “hot monitor” to provide a more comprehensive range of evidence for any security matters, so nothing is missed.

Record and Store Video in one place

With DeskCamera it is possible to record and store information to VMS for a historical purpose, such as:

  • screens of security and monitors in a baggage system
  • monitors that display arrivals/departures
  • radar screen, perimeter defense, and other applications that need to be shared with stakeholders

By storing in one place, and by doing so with only software, you can safely collect all vital information for any eventuality and record keeping.

Advantages of DeskCamera

Integrating our software video encoder solution is a smart and efficient way to ensure airport security and enables recording for audit and historical purposes. The integration cost is considerably low, there are fewer points of failure, it doesn’t slow down airport computers as DeskCamera utilizes hardware capabilities to perform high-performance video encoding and streaming, and it is compatible with any VMS with ONVIF support. Contact us for more information and to immeasurably improve your security.