1) New experience with webcam sources

  • GPU accelerated encoding for webcams

DeskCamera 4.6 brings GPU acceleration to Webcam sources. Regardless of whether it’s an Intel, NVIDIA or AMD based PC, DeskCamera 4.6 can use the available hardware capabilities to accelerate webcam and Desktop source streaming whilst consuming very few CPU resources.
System Requirements

  • Direct access to embedded webcam encoders

New option to restream webcam output “as is” via RTSP/ONVIF without the need to transcode and use additional PC resources. DeskCamera 4.6 supports native H264 output from webcams with an embedded H264 encoder (i.e. Logitech C920, C922, C930e) and native JPEG output from any webcam.

  • Full control of a webcam FPS and encoder parameters

Flexibility to select a connection mode to a webcam and set the required fps, bitrate and other parameters.

2) Improved Audio

  • “System Sounds” audio source is now supported

Alongside Mic sources, users can now select the “Windows Sounds” option. This allows the windows audio to be included in DeskCamera 4.6 streams. Read more

  • Improved user experience for audio streams

There are many additional improvements for audio streaming and configuration including improved audio quality, use of same audio in multiple medias and the streaming configuration is not reset when audio source is changed.

3) New video mixer options

DeskCamera 4.6 allows the user to combine several video sources into a single media stream. The new version also includes support for Wall 1×1, Wall 2×1 and Wall 2×2 layers as well as the previously supported “Picture in Picture” option.

This feature allows any video sources – screens, webcams, screen areas, external RTSP and HTTP, to be mixed together and streamed as a single media. Read more

4) Other improvements

  • Restreaming external RTSP and HTTP sources “as is”

A new option is available to restream external RTSP and HTTP sources without transcoding. Now a user can select a DeskCamera “Native stream” live controller if they don’t need to change external RTSP/HTTP stream encoder parameters, but just want to restream the external source via RTSP/ONVIF as a part of DeskCamera ONVIF IP camera stream.

  • Ability to select the format of RTSP URLs

DeskCamera 4.6 provides the option to set an RTSP URL name styling separately for Screen and Webcam sources. It’s adds more flexibility for projects which are using DeskCamera as a part of a bigger solution. Read more