1) New Floating license

We are introducing a new license type for using DeskCamera on different computers. This license is not tied to a PC anymore and provides a flexibility to run DeskCamera where it’s needed


2) New Online store and end-user prices cut of 15%

Great news for everyone – DeskCamera end-user prices are down. Check out our new Online Store and benefit from updated offers


3) The Internet access to DeskCamera streams with UPnP

DeskCamera 5.0 comes with UPnP support and allows to configure the external access to DeskCamera video streams with the only few mouse clicks Read more


4) Automatic DeskCamera updates

DeskCamera auto updates feature notifies a user if there is a new version available. The update process is flawless, doesn’t require license reimport and keeps the same DeskCamera settings and configuration


Update to DeskCamera 5.0 for free Now