After receiving many cases of “claimed missing products” in our despatched orders.  We decided that we had a need in our warehouse packing facility to record orders on CCTV, however the cameras would never pickup exactly what product was on our packing table as we deal with very small items such as lipsticks and eyeliners, which are just too small to see, we needed to record our RF SMART packing screen which showed each item being scanned on screen and then the ability to play this back to customers if required.

This facility was not available with our CCTV provider and they were unable to help, but we then found DeskCamera who were extremely helpful and allowed us a no obligation trial of the product which was just what we needed.  We can now see exactly what time each product is scanned and match that to the time frame of the CCTV cameras giving us a detailed breakdown of customers orders as they are checked and packed out of our facility.  We are successfully reversing claims that we would never have been able to do so previously.

Nick Sutton
Operations Manager
Pravera Limited