– HW encoding (Intel® Quick Sync) for Intel platforms 
– DShow for Webcams. Each webcam could be configured for using either – Kernel Streaming or DirectShow 
– Clock overlay 
– Improved Mic recognition. More microphones are now supported 
– Video source could be disabled via application interface. 
– More settings could now be configured on Video & Audio Settings tab 
– Options tab for advanced configuration 
– The ability to Test video and audio settings before starting the camera 
– Software now use Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable Package instead of Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013 Redistributable Package 
– FPS increased for Screens sources. Now it’s 30 fps instead of the previous 20. 
– Changing Resolution for WebCams is now supported 
– Silent installation mode with “/q” switch. To check all options – run with “/?” 
– New Installer 

– IP Addresses list is empty and Camera can’t start if the during Windows boot time the Application started early then Network adapter being initialized 
– Incorrect RTSP port allocation if the default port 554 is busy 
– Firewall outbound rule is missed 
– Minor updates in ONVIF protocol implementation 
– App loading delay with weak network connection