Better performance, new features, more control

  • Hardware Acceleration on Intel, NVIDIA and AMD GPU adapters

Up to 10 times faster h264 encoding with Intel® Quick Sync, Nvidia NVENC and AMD VCE enabled GPU adapters starting from Windows 8.0 and newer

  • Screen streaming with up to 60 FPS

New DeskCamera can stream windows screen with 60 fps rate on Windows 8.0 and newer OS

  • 3th-party RTSP and MJPEG streams converted to ONVIF

External RTSP and HTTP (MJPEG/H264) streams could be connected to DeskCamera as custom media sources and get converted to ONVIF

  • ONVIF Motion events

DeskCamera 4.0 can be configured to generate ONVIF motion events on PC keyboard and mouse activity

  • exacqVision VMS support

exacqVision VMS is now supported

  • AAC audio

Now the new DeskCamera supports AAC audio encoding. User can switch between G711 u-law and ACC

  • Audio only streams

There is a new option to configure audio only streams. Very useful for the use-cases where only audio streaming is required and network bandwidth is limited

  • Encoder parameters configuration directly in DeskCamera UI

The most wanted feature is now available with new DeskCamera. User can configure video and audio encoder parameters directly in DeskCamera user interface window. Configuring these parameters in VMS/NVR clients are also possible as previously

  • Runtime monitoring of the incoming connections from VMS/NVR

DeskCamera displays indication of connected clients (IP address and Port) for every live stream

  • More options for video overlay

User can configure timestamp, mouse and custom text to overlay in DeskCamera streams

  • Prevent Windows getting into Idle state

There is an option to prevent Windows getting into Idle/Sleep mode when streaming is started

  • Low Bandwidth indication

New DeskCamera monitors incoming connections and shows messages in case of network bandwidth issue

How to update your DeskCamera?

Just download and run setup package. DeskCamera 4.0 is available for the new installations as well as for updating the old versions of DeskCamera. The update is free, user will only need to import and activate their license again with the new version.