We live in the world where stealing your secrets has become so easy. Whether your employees work from home or you want to track the activity of your business, you have to seek the appropriate solution. PC video surveillance can be a thing in case you want to be updated on the current situation. Yet, it could be quite tricky to pick your best option, while arranging business activity observation process.

This is exactly why you should take a note of the DeskCamera product, which streams PC desktop and webcam as Onvif IP Camera. And here are 4 good reasons why you should check this option!

Ability to access your Webcam over the Internet

DeskCamera is a software that, in fact, turns your computer into an Onvif IP Camera. You can access a PC webcam over the internet to observe the PC operator activities in a real time. This is essential if your business deals with cashflow, or you want to establish control over the actions of your staff. You even can use the ONVIF screen capture feature to get some proofs in case you might need some.

Stream desktop to VMS and manage security

DeskCamera provides you with the opportunity to stream screen as ONVIF for further analysis of your operators’ activities. Thus, you can find all the gaps in your security system and fix them with minimum efforts and expenses. Besides, the software offers you an access to the different sensors and various on-screen indicators, which might be essential for whatever your business is.

PC Video Surveillance System based on software only

You don’t actually need to buy some extra devices to improve your security and control over the workflow. As a matter of fact, to create a PC video surveillance system using DeskCamera product, all you have to do is to install the software. As you can see, you can create a perfect security system with little to none efforts, saving your money. It means, you don’t have to buy an expensive hardware and recruit additional staff.

DeskCamera for POS Surveillance

It doesn’t really matter whether you run a software development company or a small convenient store and have an urge to track your POS activity. You can use DeskCamera product for loss prevention anywhere. Whether you need to access webcam over the Internet or check how the things are going on in your operation team. Suitable literally for any kind of business, which is so important in our days.

Summing up all the mentioned above, if you are looking for the means to improve your security and stream screen as ONVIF, you should take a look at the DeskCamera. Contact now!