The security cameras installed at the warehouse allow you to monitor both the perimeter and the internal premises around the clock and monitor the loading and unloading of goods, the movement of personnel and transport, and financial procedures. Thus, the warehouse’s video surveillance system allows both to discipline employees and protect your property from theft. But without good software, your camera is unlikely to work as efficiently as you would like it to.

How will security cameras and software protect your warehouse?

As a rule, warehouses occupy large areas, and therefore it is rather challenging to keep them under control. Moreover, there is a huge amount of goods in warehouses, and a large number of people have access to them. All these factors make warehouses quite vulnerable to theft. It is not profitable to put security on every corner, but you can solve the problem by installing warehouse security cameras with suitable software.

Advantages of using warehouse security cameras

1. 24/7 security

It is unrealistic to provide an around-the-clock presence in warehouses. By choosing a camera with night vision, you get ensured day and night surveillance of your warehouse. 

2. Cheap protection of your warehouse

The installation of a video surveillance system significantly reduces the number of workers in the warehouse. You no longer need to pay a large number of guards: just a few cameras will replace them protecting your property at any time.

3. Convenient using

Did you know that you can monitor in real-time what is happening in your warehouse? Yes, this does not surprise anyone now. But you can use any gadgets for this! All you need is your device, internet access, and good software. Moreover, with DeskCamera software high-quality can stream the PC screen, and webcam like that is an ONVIF camera. Using ONVIF standard means that software is compatible with many Video Management Systems (VMS) or Network Video Recorders (NVR). 

How does software keep your warehouse safe?

DeskCamera software captures computer screen, webcam, and other media and streams it all to VMS/NVR systems. It can be used for recording screens running proprietary software for protecting your warehouse. The program allows you to check the temperature, water level, and other necessary indicators easily. All the important information will be displayed on the screen at a certain point in time. This allows operators to find video related to specific events, or check which settings were not set at a particular moment recorded on video. Thus, you protect your warehouse from unwanted intrusions or employee errors. And the guilty ones will always fall into the field of vision of your little defender.

Thus, warehouse security cameras are nothing without the right software. But this combination will not only reduce your costs but also guarantee high-quality protection of your territory at any time. Using a quality video surveillance system with the right software, you can no longer worry about the safety of your warehouses.