I downloaded and tried DeskCamera to convert some RTSP cameras to ONVIF. My cameras wouldn’t connect properly, so I reached out to DeskCamera. On the same day, a technician connected to my computer to work on the issue. Although they couldn’t resolve the problem immediately, they submitted it to their software engineers. Over the course of a couple of months, DeskCamera maintained communication, regularly emailing me to check if the issue had been resolved or if I was still experiencing problems.

Fast forward, and a new software update was released. I had to update the trial license to test everything again. DeskCamera responded to the trial license update on the same day and almost immediately followed up with an email asking if the new version had resolved my issue from several months ago. It did!

I’ve worked with a lot of software companies, but DeskCamera is one of the few that responded the same day I submitted a ticket. They continued to monitor the ticket months after its submission to ensure it was resolved, rather than simply closing it.

I would highly recommend DeskCamera if you need to convert RTSP to ONVIF or set up an ONVIF webcam.

David Scott
Safety & Security Manager