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We become a Milestone Technology Partner. Milestone Systems – is a global leader within open platform video management software (VMS)

DeskCamera software completed verification with Milestone XProtect VMS and received a verification certificate

We received many requests for this feature and now it’s available with the new DeskCamera 4.1.0 :

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Checkout a complete list of DeskCamera features and capabilities in easy-to-read Table

Better performance, new features, more control

Better Performance:

  • Hardware Acceleration on Intel, NVIDIA and AMD GPU adapters
  • Screen streaming with up to 60 FPS

New Features:

  • 3th-party RTSP and MJPEG streams converted to ONVIF 
  • ONVIF Motion events
  • AAC audio
  • exacqVision VMS support
  • Audio-only streams

More Control:

  • Encoder parameters configuration directly in DeskCamera UI 
  • Runtime monitoring of the incoming connections from VMS/NVR
  • Advanced video overlay options

Welcome to DeskCamera Online Chat – a new simple way to connect with us and get questions answered.

Via Online Chat we can help with sales questions as well as coordinate technical support

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New major release 3.2.0 with Crop Desktop feature

New DeskCamera allows to crop desktop and stream only required screen area. With this update User may define multiple areas of the same or different desktops. DeskCamera will convert each defined area to ONVIF. 

– Capture screen area Read KB article 
– Test live video window displays max possible FPS of a media source 
– Screen sources include additional MJPEG profiles 
– User can choose FPS control option – “By NVR” or “Manual” Read KB article 
– Media sources configuration sometimes not saved on Exit

Activate DeskCamera in Offline mode without the Internet connection is now possible 
We were continue getting feedbacks for that feature, and now that is possible with the new DeskCamera 3.1.0. The new release introduces a new simple way to perform Offline activation for the networks without the Internet connection. Now it takes only few seconds and could be performed by user themself.

Read KB article

DeskCamera got recognized

The software is currently used by various CCTV setups starting from the most common cases with POS terminals and ending with Casinos and Airports surveillance systems

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DeskCamera has renewed ONVIF membership. 
Being an ONVIF member gives us an access to the official ONVIF test tools and allows us to continue delivering high quality, well tested product to the our Users. 

– 300% performance boost on high resolutions/high FPS with Intel® Quick Sync 
– 30 FPS support 
– Many improvements for Webcam and Mic 
– Test mode. Test your streaming before launching the camera 
– Advanced configuration 
– Clock overlay 

And many more improvements and bug fixes.

DeskCamera got officially certified by Genetec – global provider of IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition solutions. 

Desktop Camera is now listed as a supported device for Genetec Security Center unified security platform

That is a major release with follow updates:

– GOP size is now could be configured via ONVIF cient 
– Enable/Disable FullHD for H264 could be done via User Interface 
– Unistall process is now completely removes application data files 
– “Multiple headers with name ‘Action'” error for Turkish region setting 
– “Input string was not in a correct format” error with VIVOTEK NVR

That is a major release with follow updates:

– Auto and manual video rotation is supported 
– There is an option to select “Default Microphone” for audio source 
– FullHD resolution for H264 encoder could be enabled in config file (Set EnableH264ResolutionsRestriction to False) 
– Dynamic assigning of free RTSP port (config file can restore old behavior by setting DynamicallyAssignRtspPort to False)

Version 2.0.0 is available for download


– Theming support
– Configurable Scopes


– “object reference not set to an instance of an object” error
– Avigilon VMS can now rename virtual camera device
– Audio encoder was replaced (PCMA replaced by PCMU). It fixed audio issues with many VMS

Version 1.6.2 is available for download

That is a minor release with bug fixes. Follow issues were resolved in this release:

– Video error in Avigilon VMS
– App crash in some Lenovo Notebooks
– Rare critical error during app startup right after installation
– Rare “object reference not set to an instance of an object” error
– Onvif fixes for audio commands

New DeskCamera has a Microphone support. Configure audio feed to use in Live streaming.

Version 1.5.0 is available for download
This version contains major updates in a live streaming part. Now DeskCamera supports RTSP Digest Authentication and available in both x86 and x64 versions.

Announce a retail price increase 
In order to keep growing and provide high quality product we have to announce a 50% retail price increase starting from 1 December. Reseller’s price will also be slightly increased. Contact us for any questions or concerns. 
Hurry up to purchase a decent amount of licenses with old price!

Major update with ONVIF Profile S implementation is released.DeskCamera has never been so good as now. Checkout our new Profile S ready version!

We are proud to announce DeskCamera become a ONVIF member and now we are the part of a global industry forum driving the development of open global standards for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products

This membership allows us to use official ONVIF conformance test tools and community support to make our product better

Keep updated with our news. The major release is comming with Profile S implementation!

Version 1.3.0 is available for download.

Now DeskCamera supports RTSP over HTTP, works with Genetec Security Center and contains bunch of the others improvements and minor fixes

Check out new version 1.2.1 of DeskCamera with a attractive User Interface

New DeskCamera is available. The major change here is a real Multiple cameras mode. Now DeskCamera can operate in both – multiple channels and multiple cameras modes. That will add much more flexibility in configuring NVR/VMS systems to work with DeskCamera

– New Multiple Cameras mode. DeskCamera will launch as many virtual IP cameras as there are desktops and webcams available. New dedicated ONVIF IP Camera instance will be created for each desktop/webcam

– Multiple Channels mode. This mode produces one virtual ONVIF IP camera with multiple video channels, new channel will be created for each desktop/webcam

We are launching Help Desk service to help new customers setting up their NVR/VMS software to work with DeskCamera.

DeskCamera acts as any other physical ONVIF Ip camera and normally doesn’t require any special settings. However we aim to provide fast and qualified assistance in case if there are any difficulties with setting up a customer’s NVR/VMS to work with DeskCamera

To request a free assistance kindly contact our Help Desk using online chat or email

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