In today’s Hi-Tech Gaming, Casinos require the very best in security tools at their disposal to detect and combat potential fraud and that’s where DeskCamera comes in, working in harmony with casino’s existing video surveillance system.

One of the enhancements DeskCamera brings to a Casino’s Control Room is “Live Editing” – providing the ability to create a single evidence video. While the Operator tracks any suspicious activity, he pulls up video from many cameras to a “working monitor”. DeskCamera then streams that working monitor to a VMS where its available as a single video for a further investigation and export. This gives the ability to retrospectively retrieve the video evidence exactly how it happened and this offers the security leadership or law enforcement team’s instant visibility to enable them to carry out the investigation with clarity and speed. This also provides the Casino leadership team with valuable record for the ombudsman to prove operational compliance rather than having to spend hours report writing.

In addition, DeskCamera could be used to record the screens in a Casino Control Room.  This ensures the operator monitors all the cameras equally and thoroughly. It also provides additional data of what was displayed at the operator screens when an incident occurred

DeskCamera is a unique solution for POS surveillance in the Bar and Restaurant areas of a Casino. With DeskCamera, a POS screen is transmitted to VMS as an extra channel, which facilitates POS screen playback synchronised with area cameras. It brings all the Casino’s data together so an operator can search for evidence across multiple POS systems and physical cameras simultaneously.

DeskCamera works via the ONVIF protocol and we are a technology partner with most of the leading VMS manufacturers. The software is very easy to install and set within minutes.

Regulatory Compliance in Casinos

People from different industries use DeskCamera to record a computer media to VMS