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To aid our surveillance of transactions through a busy ‘Point of Sale’ till system, we were looking to record the screens from multiple tills to a local NVR solution.

After installing DeskCamera as a trial on one of the Windows based tills, I was pleasantly surprised when it was up and running, recording to the NVR within minutes.

A week later, I was so comfortable with the performance that I purchased DeskCamera licences for the whole system.

We have been recording superb quality, real time video with no downtime since.

The DeskCamera Software has easily offset any install costs with a reduction in loss incidents.

It’s just not that common these days to purchase software that simply does exactly what you need it to.

Well done to the DeskCamera team!

Kevin Willis
Head of Compliance
VGC Leeds Ltd (Victoria Gate Casino)

After a long research and testing, I can say that the DeskCamera is the best software in the market which can stream the video of multiple computer screens over the network. Usage of this software eliminates the need of any other expensive hardware, like – video servers and signal splitters.

DeskCamera has only negligible impact to the PC performance and perfectly works with the RTSP protocol, which is native for our video recording system. Software has a simple UI and it’s very easy to use.

After the migration to Win10 and Deskcamera installation, it didn’t start to work straight away, as some Visual C++ redistributable libraries were missing on our PC, but a Helpdesk engineer appeared to be very responsive and solved the problem almost immediately.

We’ll continue to use this program on our offshore vessel and I would certainly recommend it to the other customers, who need a quick and robust solution for the desktop screen streaming.

Nikolay Timofeev
Van Oord

Your software is the holy grail, and that’s only exaggerating a little bit.  Let me take you back in time before IP to the days of analog video in the casino space where matrix bays and VCRs ruled.  Casinos monitor video in real time more so than many other verticals. If an operator proactively catches something like a theft or fight, or they are just following the money during a drop many times that footage would be recorded.  Said footage could have many cameras involved as the action moves throughout the space and the operators will follow the action on the “working monitor” in front of them. The working monitor would be connected to a VCR for easy export so whatever was observed on the working monitor could be dubbed with a single tape, easy.  Fast forward to the present time and almost no modern VMS has a built in screen recorder and every casino asks for this functionality. Before DeskCamera we had to purchase stand alone encoders that sit in between the client and monitor.  As you know they are expensive, another point of failure and another device to install, power and cable together. DeskCamera solves all those problems and only a few enterprise VMS MFGs don’t support it.

We love DeskCamera, so thank you and keep up the good work!

Adam Myhre
System Integrator ( www.ssicctv.com )
SSI [Surveillance Systems Incorporated]

We have infrared cameras that do not provide streaming out. Even if they did, we need to enhance the camera image with analytics messages. The decorated image is sent to VMS via DeskCamera.
I have personally reviewed many RTSP streaming software libraries, in the hope that one of the libraries could be integrated directly with our .Net application. The libraries are all in poor condition, as well as the documentation for the libraries. Our only option was to use HDMI to RTSP gateway products (hardware) to solve our streaming problem. These products are fairly expensive and inconvenient to use, because they required extra video adapters, cables, and power and space in our cabinet.
I have been looking for a solution for almost a year, and was about to give it up. DeskCamera IS the solution! You guys have done a fantastic job with this product, and we plan to use it for all our future image streaming needs.

Larry Roy
Software Architect
Embedded Logix, Inc. ( https://www.emlogix.net )

We had a need to easily compare values on a barcoded voucher with a cash payout. Due to the size of the vouchers, it was often difficult to read the value of the voucher from a camera, so we went looking for a solution that allowed our operators to monitor the transaction without replacement of our existing camera infrastructure. We came across DeskCamera which does exactly what we needed, recording the screen of the terminal where the transaction is processed for a fraction of the cost of replacing camera infrastructure or having a custom NVR interface developed.

Daniel Davis
ICT Manager
Lasseters Casino & Alice Springs Convention Centre

After receiving many cases of “claimed missing products” in our despatched orders.  We decided that we had a need in our warehouse packing facility to record orders on CCTV, however the cameras would never pickup exactly what product was on our packing table as we deal with very small items such as lipsticks and eyeliners, which are just too small to see, we needed to record our RF SMART packing screen which showed each item being scanned on screen and then the ability to play this back to customers if required. 

This facility was not available with our CCTV provider and they were unable to help, but we then found DeskCamera who were extremely helpful and allowed us a no obligation trial of the product which was just what we needed.  We can now see exactly what time each product is scanned and match that to the time frame of the CCTV cameras giving us a detailed breakdown of customers orders as they are checked and packed out of our facility.  We are successfully reversing claims that we would never have been able to do so previously.

Nick Sutton
Operations Manager
Pravera Limited

We had a requirement to be able to record the video on a screen 24 hours a day which could be recorded into a VMS for playback when required. We were originally using a physical video encoder connected to a second video output on the PC. While this worked, it was expensive and we continually had drop outs if there was too much a activity on the screen, required extra power and and extra network connection. When we came across DeskCamera we immediately implemented it. It was inexpensive and quicker to get up and running. Although it was a great solution, it initially didn’t do the resolutions that we were after. We provided this feedback to the support team and within 1-2 weeks they made some modifications to the software to suit our requirements. The support was fantastic.

Glen Collins
System Integrator

We are a coal export terminal, located in the Baltic Sea, that transports, loads, and unloads coal 24/7.
All production processes are visualized using Siemens SCADA. Thus, we have multiple operator monitors and must record all actions in the event that we will need to analyze abnormal situations and mitigate human factors.
For ten years, we used an interface that converted the VGA signal to S-Video which was fed into an analogue CCTV system. The quality was below mediocre but it was the only option available to us at that time. Then we moved on by modifying a Python script to capture the raw data stream from a monitor. This was a major step up from the analogue signal, though it generated an enormous volume of uncompressed video data. In advancing to a multiple monitor setup for a SCADA operator workplace, we confronted a problem with capturing a “1 PC -> multiple monitors” video signal, as our Python script started to generate an excessive CPU load.

Therefore, we started searching for a solution. After several not-so-good products, we stopped our search at DeskCamera. The ability to capture a signal from multi-monitor setups into a compressed stream and even to hardware-offload this process was a decision-maker for us.
The support is extremely helpful and friendly, and we have been provided with the newest stable beta version, which has completely solved our problems.

Now, with the signal being fed into our Synology Surveillance Station system, all our engineers can use it for analysis and real-time monitoring.

Anton Sincov

DeskCamera is the secret sauce in this recipe that makes this whole online dueling pinball thing significantly easier. Essentially the program turns all of your video content into IP cameras directly accessible by the host. All audio and video content sources in DeskCamera are assigned the generic term of Media Sources in the application. DeskCamera works great because it will create a separate low-delay RTSP stream for each Media Source without having to juggle multiple application instances

The DeskCamera support team was extremely helpful and responsive, and their development team turned around a new point release that addressed all of the major issues I ran into in about a week and a half.

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My work is related to video surveillance and often need to test various video analytic solutions or demo different functions to partners.
I use DeskCamera to stream all kinds of video contents (live, archived) on the Internet to my system as regular IP cameras, then I can run it with various video analytic solutions, such facial recognition. It’s very easy to setup and extremely helpful for my testing and demo at work.
I also like the ability to adjust main/sub stream profiles to save my HDD space. Btw, the Pic in Pic mode made my new webinar-work-style easy.

Thanks for the great product!

Jason Lee

DeskCamera has allowed us to serve mission-critical information to our clients, the intuitive design of the application coupled with excellent customer support far exceed what one would normally expect from such a small investment

Callum Mclachlan
Senior Technician

DeskCamera helps us to record production screens next to the footage of the multiple cameras on the different machines.
In that way we can improve our quality of production. Software is easy to install and to use. Within 1 hour DeskCamera was up and running!

Rudy Hostens
IT manager