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DeskCamera is a new software concept for recording the operators screen in a way that replaces the need for expensive hardware encoders, video servers and signal splitters, saving on installation, power, cable and another point of failure

DeskCamera allows you to stream a PC desktop, webcam and microphone via the RTSP and ONVIF protocol to any VMS/NVR system.

The software solves real client issues in many ways, from helping to prevent video evidence leaks by identifying how recorded video has been removed for example by mobile phone.

Ensuring Audit, Training & Compliance procedures have been followed with visual evidence negating the need to provide lengthy reports to the ombudsman for scrutiny and improve processes.

Helping to prevent POS fraud by giving loss prevention teams an extra layer of visibility by allowing side by side the screen recordings to be synchronized with the activity that occurred at the register.  

DeskCamera is quick and easy to install & set in very short time

People from different industries use DeskCamera to record a computer media to VMS