Retail & POS Surveillance

In Retail, DeskCamera is a gateway between POS terminals and Video Surveillance infrastructure. The software allows to record POS terminal screen into existing Video Surveillance environment as like POS terminal is just an ordinary security camera.

DeskCamera could be installed to Windows-based POS terminal in only few clicks. After that the POS terminal screen is available for live view and record to any ONVIF compatible VMS or NVR systems


Whether you are a small coffee shop, a high-end restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy or any type of retail operation, you need a POS surveillance solution to monitor accuracy of cashier’s transactions and reduce internal and public fraud.

POS surveillance systems have historically been a complicated proposition, requiring expensive hardware with extra wires and space, or proprietary software which usually not that reliable and hard to integrate.

DeskCamera is a game changer solution that natively integrates busy ‘Point of Sale’ till systems into existing CCTV infrastructure in just a few clicks.

The DeskCamera software turns a POS terminal into an ordinary IP camera that streams the POS screen to any VMS or NVR systems via the open standard ONVIF.

Having the POS screen as an extra VMS channel brings all your data together so you can search for evidence across multiple POS systems, physical cameras, and store locations simultaneously. This gives retail a new dimension in loss prevention investigations not available until now.

POS ONVIF Integration in Retail

People from different industries use DeskCamera to record a computer media to VMS