News DeskCamera feature table

Camera features
Camera protocolONVIF , Profile S ready *
Streaming protocolRTSP/RTP
Auto discovery over the network
Multiple channels mode
Multiple cameras mode
Manage streaming parameters in NVR/VMS
ONVIF motion eventsby mouse or keyboard activity
StreamsMainStream, SubStream, SubStreamJpeg, VMS/NVR defined
RTSP authenticationDigest and Basic
ONVIF authenticationWS-UsernameToken
Stream PC desktops (1, 2 or more desktops)
Stream webcams (1, 2 or more webcams)
Stream user-defined Screen areas
Combine screens and webcams to Picture in Picture medias
Stream audio (Microphone) along with video
Audio-only (no video) streams
Convert 3th party HTTP H264/MJPEG stream to ONVIF
Convert 3th party RTSP H264/MJPEG stream to ONVIF
Total number of medias (desktops + webcams + external streams)20
Encoder capabilities
Resolution640*480 - 1920*1080 . Higher resolutions are automatically scaled down to FullHD
FPS3 - 60** fps
Bitrate limit512 - 8192 Kbps
RotationAuto, None, R90, L90, FlipH, FlipV
EncodingH264 and MJPEG
AudioG711 u-law and AAC
Video overlay
Cursor overlay
Timestamp overlay
Custom text overlay
Hardware accelerated encoding
OSWindows 8 or newer
DeskCamera supports Intel QSV IntelCPU with Intel QSV (I3, I5, I7)
DeskCamera supports Nvidia NVENC NvidiaGPU with NVENC
DeskCamera supports AMD VCE AMDGPU with VCE
Application features
Autostart with Windows
Hidden mode
Protect by password
Prevent Windows entering idle state
Run in background
Maintain streaming from a Terminal PC when RDP session get disconnected
Manage streaming parameters in the application
Connect external streams as input sourcesHTTP and RTSP
Runtime indication of the connected VMS/NVR clients
Test media sources